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Mining and materials



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Rheolaser Crystal

Rheolaser Crystal enables to monitor microstructure evolution depending on temperature in heterogeneous products

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A fully automated technique combining microfuidics and optics to determine flow characteristics in the blink of an eye

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Reference 3000

The Reference 3000 is a high-performance Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA with a maximum current of ±3 A and a maximum voltage of ± 32 volts. The Reference 3000 is recommended for battery, capacitor,…

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LA960 Laser Particle Size Analyser

The most high-end class accurate and reliable laser diffraction particle sizing instrument HORIBA Partica LA-950V2 has been upgraded to the LA-960.    

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QWave 1000

Workhorse microwave digestor

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Open Vessel digestion

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QLab Pro

Microwave Assisted Digestion, Extraction and Synthesis

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Digestion Vessels

Digestion vessels for Microwave systems

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Automate liquid handling

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Scientific Solutions

Scientific Solutions have been providing carefully selected laboratory and analytical equipment to Australian Industries such as Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage and Research markets of the Science Industry for over a decade.

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