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The PMI Pore Pro Porometer is a low pressure instrument designed for the determination of pore size in geotextile fabrics. The robust instrument is easy to use and provides fast and accurate testing results on a variety of geotextile samples. Conforms to standard ASTM 316-03.

Product Category: Membranes

Industry: Membrane Manufacture and Testing

Supplier: Porous Materials Inc


  • Fully automated and computer controlled
  • User-friendly, windows-based software: commonly used graphical programming system
  • Comes with PC computer with graphical display, accompanying chords & wetting fluid
  • Software allows user to select the speed of pressure increase and the number of pressure steps


Pore Size Range: .3-500 microns
Pressure Range: 20 psi
Pressurizing Gas: clean, dry, compressed air or nonflammable, noncorrosive gas
Pressure Transducer Range: 20 psi
Sample Size: 25mm with one sample holder

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