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BenchCAT High Throughput Reactor Systems

BenchCAT-HTS was developed for secondary catalyst screening in a combinatorial program and has been placed in most of the major oil and chemical companies.  BenchCAT-HTS is also favored as a primary screening device by universities and a number of automotive companies. BenchCAT-HTS is available as a stand-alone reactor device, designed to be retrofitted into existing bench-scale reactor systems, or as part of a comprehensive, ready-to-run, fully automated reactor system, driven by high performance LabVIEW software. BenchCAT-HTS has a single, high pressure closure, and is customizable, as to metallurgy, design pressure and temperature, reactor well volume, and flows.

Product Category: Catalytic Studies

Industry: Biodiesel/Petrochemical, Particle and surface science

Supplier: Altamira

Scientific Solutions

Scientific Solutions have been providing carefully selected laboratory and analytical equipment to Australian Industries such as Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage and Research markets of the Science Industry for over a decade.

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