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UDT-812A/814-8 is an 8-position dissolution tester designed by updated technology. It is used for drug research and development, as well as for dissolution evaluation of generic drugs. Features: 
  • UDT-812A/814-8 dissolution tester ensures high reliability and validity of the dissolution tests
  • It has tight seal vessel cover design which limits media evaporation
  Extended functions:
  • Compatible with an automated sample collector and syringe pumps to increase efficiency and accuracy
  • Expandable to 2 or 3 speed zones, which provides different stirring rate, and shortens R&D period
  • Compatible with mini vessel apparatus, rotation cylinder apparatus, paddle over disk apparatus and flow-thru cell apparatus
  • Compatible with basket/paddle method camera system, which can record dissolution image
  • Temperature sensor in each dissolution vessel to examine and record temperature individually
  • Includes dual vessel cover, totally eliminate media evaporation
  • UDT-812A/814-8 is compatible with UV, HPLC, fiber optics and dilution systems. It can perform online dissolution analysis
  • Compatible with PERMETRO system to distinguish the permeation between generic drugs and original drugs, which can exist as a pre-BE study

Product Category: Dissolution

Industry: Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and Natural Products

Supplier: Logan Instruments



The UDT-804 Universal Dissolution Tester is the newest apparatus for dissolution testing required by USP. This 8-vessel dissolution testeris designed for easy operation and built to operate continuously. The two additional vessels can be used for blank‚ standard or mediareplacement.
The built in heating circulator saves bench space‚ the circulation pumpis mounted on vibration isolators‚ the automatic safety shut-off switch that shut __ off the system when temperature over the safety limit. The shafts for the Paddles and baskets are interchangeable‚ which makeseasier to change the test methods. The height adjustment for the Paddleand Basket are set electronically‚ the USP calibration balls areprovided for the height validation. The vessel plate is made of a newacid resistant material and height adjustable platform to raise thewater tank to have the tight seal that limited evaporation. Theno-vibration with speed / temperature self-calibrating design ensuresall tablets dissolve at the true speed and same temperature
Several options are available with the UDT-804 including an automatedsampling manifold to link the instrument with other instruments such asUV or HPLC systems or syringes for manual sampling‚ a tablet-droppingtray‚ the Control/ Calibration/ Validation Software package and anexternal printer.
UDT-804 performance exceeds the requirements of USP‚ BP‚ EP and JP.


  • 8-Spindle‚ 8-position configuration
  • Self-centering vessels design and self-calibrating speed and temperature control system
  • Electronic sampling height adjustment at different media volumes
  • Space saving integrated built-in heater circulator
  • Re- calibration reminder system
  • Automation-ready for online analysis with UV‚ HPLC and Fiber Optics Systems
  • Large easy to read LCD display for Speed‚ Temperature and Time
  • Password controlled‚ on board menu driven software
  • The no-vibration and self-calibrating design ensure all tablets dissolve at the true speed and same temperature.
  • The drive head is raised and lowered by a motorized lift‚ as is standard on all UDT 804 units
  • An acid-resistant vessel plate and height adjustable platform seal the water tank to limit evaporation
  • Auto- heat setting for preheat the bath
  • Basket & paddle interchangeable shaft

Features of Logan UDT-804 Universal Dissolution Tester: 

The UDT-804 Universal Dissolution Tester is the newest dissolutiontester on the market‚ built and designed to operate continuously. Thismodel has an 8-vessel design allowing for the use of two additionalvessels for blank‚ standard‚ or media replacement.

Password protection function: 

With the password protection function provided by UDT-804‚ labtechnicians would not be able to edit any programs without themanagement"s approval.

Large display screen: 

The new 5” X 4” LCD display is the most attractive feature in theUDT-804 that captures the attention of end users; it also indicates thetest status in detail.

Manual control function: 

When the UDT-804 dissolution tester operates as a stand-alone unit it can be used as“manual” mode‚ the Time / Speed / Temperature will be displayed on theLED screen.

Edit program function: 

Up to 10 dissolution test methods can be programmed into memory‚ theuser can choose the password protection function‚ if desired.

Run Program function: 

This function allows the user to select and run the pre-programmeddissolution test methods‚ there is no need to continually reprogram theroutine dissolution methods. Sampling alarm can be set at 30 secondsbefore the sampling time interval to remind the user to manually sample.

Remote Control function: 

This model has also a Remote Control function enabling the users tolink the UDT-804 with a PC and other analysis devices by Logan software.

Built-in heater-circulator: 

The new built-in heater-circulator design not only saves bench space‚but also includes special safety capabilities to ensure optimal performance. The UDT-804 intelligent features include shutting off the circulating pump when no heat is being applied; also the heater has atime delay function to avoid “dry heating.” The new improvements insafety control include auto shut down‚ and auto reset. These functionsshut off the system when the temperature is over the protection limit‚and automatically reset the system when the temperature cools down to asafe range.

Non-corrosive vessel plate design: 

The vessel plate is made of a new acid resistant material __ Corain by Dupont.

Non-corrosive top covers: 

The new design of the top cover is molded‚ light weight andnon__corrosive. Logan covers are unlike other common designs that usemetal covers‚ which are heavy and not suitable in the acid environment.

No evaporation water bath: 

The new design of the molded water tank has an adjustable platform; itraises the tank toward the vessel plate in order to reduce evaporation.

Double feed back loop speed control system: 

Speed is controlled by a double optical feed back loop ensureing allshafts have a rotation speed within +/-1 RPM of the set point. Thisensures that all tablets dissolve at true and equal speed in allvessels. This data is also printed out on the printer.

No-vibration performance: 

The motor and pump in the UDT-804 are isolated with vibration mounts.This design eliminates source of vibration to ensure the dissolutiontest meets USP requirements.

Temperature self-calibration design: 

The temperature control system is based on self-calibration. The usersimply calibrates the UDT-804 with certified temperature thermometer at37 degree C. Once UDT-804 detects the temperature‚ it constantly selfadjusts during the dissolution test. This ensures that all tabletsdissolve at true and equal temperature‚ it also indicates the data onthe printer.

Interchangeable basket and paddles: 

The shafts for the Paddles and Baskets are interchangeable‚ which makes it easier to change the test methods.

Electronic height adjustment: 

The height adjustment for the Paddle and Basket are set electronically.Also‚ the USP calibration balls are provided for height validation.

Power lift: 

The UDT-804 drive head can be raised or lowered by touch of a key pad__there is no need to manually push up or pull down the dissolution head.The motorize lift is safe and much easier to operate.

Pre-heat bath: 

The UDT-804 has the timer to start the heater / circulator‚ thisfunction is to pre-heat the bath for the faster start of thedissolution testing.

USP Calibration reminder:

USP requests dissolution calibration (physical / calibrators) every 6month‚ the UDT-804 has the ability to remind the user for this task.The reminder alert the user 2 weeks before the calibration due day‚this is to help users follow the USP guide line.


Automated dropping tray: 

The Auto Dropping Tray allows all tablets to be loaded and droppedsimultaneously into the dissolution vessels‚ as well as serving as aone-piece vessel cover.

Motorize dropping tray: 

The Motorize Dropping Tray is controlled by software to automaticallydrop the tablets without user around the bath‚ all tablets to bedropped simultaneously into the dissolution vessels‚ as well as servingas a one-piece vessel cover.

Automated Sampling Manifold: 

The automated sampling manifold contains 8 sampling probes that lowerinto each vessel for sampling. This motorized sampling manifold iscontrolled by the dissolution software to link up this instrument withother analysis systems such as UV / HPLC systems or Automated SampleCollection systems. Also the user can use this automated samplingmanifold in manual mode when sampling manually.


This option is for the dissolution records; all the dissolution test parameters can be documented with this external printer.

CCV software package: 

The optional UDT-804 CFR 21 compliant CONTROL / CALIBRATION /VALIDATION software program can be ordered separately. This programassists the user to perform the physical calibration and USP calibratorperformance validation of USP dissolution testing apparatus anddocuments all the data. This software has electronic signature andelectronic records as per the USP requirement.

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