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Dynamic Surface Area Analyser

  • The specific surface area is one of the important indicators for characterizing the surface properties of micro-nano powder materials. The most commonly used method is nitrogen adsorption. Dynamic nitrogen adsorption method for the determination of specific surface area is widely used in the rapid detection of products on the production line in the industry. Jingwei Gaobo Company's patented instrument JW-DX dynamic adsorption specific surface measuring instrument is accurate and efficient. It is very suitable for the testing of small surface samples such as ternary materials, graphite and other positive and negative materials for batteries and pharmaceutical accessories. In a low-temperature liquid nitrogen environment of -196 degrees, a nitrogen-nitrogen mixed gas with a certain flow ratio is introduced, and a high-precision thermal conductivity cell is used to obtain an adsorption peak or a desorption peak according to the gas concentration change before and after the sample adsorbs nitrogen molecules, and the peak area is proportional to The amount of nitrogen adsorption, the direct contrast method or BET theory is used to calculate the specific surface area of ​​the sample.

Product Category: Surface Area

Industry: Analytical and Environmental Labs, Mining and materials, Particle and surface science, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and Natural Products

Supplier: JWGB


DX type instrument does not use the conventional desorption process and uses the adsorption process to calculate the peak area. It completely avoids the test error caused by the incomplete desorption of the sample at room temperature. It is very suitable for battery positive and negative materials such as ternary materials and graphite. Determination of small specific surface; (Patent No. 20140320453.2)

Adsorption peak

The peak shape is sharp, and the change of nitrogen concentration caused by adsorption of each sample is not diluted at all, and the sensitivity of the sample test is greatly improved. Under the condition of ensuring sufficient adsorption, the test efficiency is greatly improved, and the comparison test of four samples at a time is only required. 15min

Nitrogen partial pressure automatic adjustment

The BET test uses 70ml/min and 30ml/min high-precision mass flow controller to fully perform nitrogen partial pressure adjustment, with high control precision and small error, ensuring the stability and accuracy of gas flow through the sample surface; (Patent No. 2517307 )
Calibration gas
The BET test calibration gas is nitrogen, and the calibration system is fully controlled by the full solenoid valve, which breaks the limitation of the traditional six-way valve control and has advanced features; (Patent No. 2508179)

Analysis station

Four, each sample is independently subjected to the adsorption process, achieving multi-sample interference-free and non-difference testing, completely ensuring the parallelism of the test results of each analysis station, and the repeatability error ≤ ± 1.0%

Vacuum heating degassing

Optional. The external 4-station vacuum degasser can simultaneously perform degassing pretreatment of 4 samples, and can be used simultaneously with the surface controller main unit, which can greatly improve the test efficiency. The highest degassing temperature is 400 ° C; (Patent No. 2516757)


1L capacity vacuum glass liner Dewar, the insulation effect is far superior to the metal liner liquid nitrogen cup; (Patent No. 2509179)
Anti-sample splash technology
Independent research and development, design built-in anti-splash unit, can effectively prevent powder samples from flowing into the internal pipeline of the instrument with flowing gas, which can effectively avoid contamination of the instrument
Convenient operation, user-friendly design
The surface surface instrument is fully automatic controlled and operated; the adsorption or desorption process of each sample is dynamically displayed on the test interface, and the adsorption peak or the desorption peak is displayed in real time, and the peak area and the adsorption amount of each sample are calculated in real time; the results of each sample specific surface real-time display of test data is automatically saved in the source file, not online support for off-line analysis, may be copied; dynamic vacuum degasser heating furnace and micro-pump configuration, the furnace temperature ≦ 400 ° C ± 1 ° C After the sample is heated and degassed, it can be transferred to the surface of the surface meter to test.
Strong upgradeability
DX-type instrument standard configuration contrast ratio surface test function, can be upgraded to multi-point BET specific surface test type instrument;
dynamic external 4-station vacuum heating degasser, is optional equipment, it is recommended that users choose, or in the future Add to
Typical analysis example
1. Small specific surface sample test
- graphite anode material

2. Multi-point BET specific surface test;


model JW-DX JW-DA
Test principle Low temperature nitrogen adsorption, flow chromatography
Method characteristics Invention patent technology.

The adsorption peak is the same as the static capacity method. The four samples are independently tested, without interference, and the signal peak is sharp. The test accuracy of the surface sample is improved by <10m2/g.

Traditional desorption technology.

Using the desorption peak, the four samples are not connected in parallel, and the signal peak is diluted, which is not suitable for the accurate test of the surface sample of <10m2/g small ratio.

Test function Comparative method specific surface area test;

Single point, multi-point BET specific surface area test

Comparative method specific surface area test;

Single point, multi-point BET specific surface area test

Test gas High purity nitrogen (99.999%) + high purity helium (99.999%)
Nitrogen partial pressure P/P0 range 0.05-0.35 (multi-point BET)
Test Range Specific surface area of ​​0.01m2 / g to no known upper limit, not suitable for microporous material testing Specific surface area of ​​0.01m2 / g to no known upper limit, not suitable for microporous material testing
Repeatability Carbon black standard sample ≤ ± 1.0%;

Highly consistent with static volumetric test accuracy

Carbon black standard sample ≤ ± 1.5%;
Analysis station 4 4
Test efficiency It takes about 5 minutes to test each sample by comparison method;

Multi-point BET test takes about 25 minutes for each sample;

It takes about 9 minutes to test each sample by contrast method;

Multi-point BET test takes about 30 minutes for each sample;

Host specification Length 610mm × width 460mm × height 680mm, weight about 48Kg;
Ambient temperature requirement Air conditioning is recommended at room temperature
Environmental humidity requirements 10%-90%
Power requirement AC 220V ± 20V, 50/60HZ, maximum power 300W, current 5A;
Recommended application areas Graphite, ternary materials, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate, lithium cobalt oxide, etc. battery positive and negative materials; pharmaceutical excipients; metal powder; metal oxide powder; rare earth luminescent materials; nano calcium carbonate; Lithium iron phosphate cathode material; titanium dioxide; inorganic non-metallic materials such as nano calcium carbonate;

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