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E2K Calorimeter

The E2K, like both the CAL2K and the ECO, is a "dry" static jacket isothermal calorimeter system. Isothermal design using a waterless patented vessel (no water bucket required).

Product Category: Bomb Calorimeter

Industry: Mining and materials

Supplier: Digital Data Systems (Pty) Ltd



  • Intelligent operation support
  • Very fast operation due to improved software
  • Easy to maintain, self test for technicians and operators
  • Compact size
  • Operation can be configured to suit every laboratory
  • Rapid and accurate determinations
  • Capable of doing 10 CV samples per hour using a CAL2k-2 Cooler and 2 vessels
  • Isothermal design using a waterless patented vessel (no bucket, spillage or measuring)
  • Large memory for storing +1000 determinations
  • Manual or automatic mass entry through keyboard or balance interface
  • Easy to read LCD display in one standard (English) language and one alternative language
  • Fully automatic calibration in BTU, CAL, MJ/Kg
  • Uses the CAL2k-4 intelligent vessel with fault diagnostics and microprocessors
  • Interfaces to standard PS2 computer keyboard
  • Acoustical warning for operator convenience
  • Extra 8 digit group identification can be used as a sample id
  • Print results directly without PC on standard 80 column serial printer with RS232 port
  • Alternative language switch at rear of unit
  • Real-time clock with one week back up
  • Precise and reproducible determination of gross calorific values according to ISO 1928, DIN 51900 and BS1016:105

Software Features

  • User controlled access for setting vital parameters once
  • Automatic result retrieval for selected and formatted data
  • Filing printing and other operator functions, including data export to common formats
  • Real time graphical vessel temperature display
  • Grouped sample determinations and analysis
  • Alternative language management
  • English Windows Operating software version only
  • Real time clock setting
  • Vessel data viewing
  • High speed communication for fast data retrieval

Complete e2K System

Complete Standard system consists of the following:
E2K                    Calorimeter
E2K-KT              Calorimeter Installation Kit
CAL2k-2            Cooler
CAL2k-2-KT      Cooler Installation Kit
CAL2k-3            Filling Station
CAL2k-3-KT      Filling Station Installation Kit
CAL2k-4            Vessel
CAL2k-4-KT      Vessel Installation Kit
Up to 6 samples per hour.
The E2K is also available in the following systems:
Minimum System:
1 x E2K Calorimeter
1 x E2K Calorimeter Installation Kit
1 x CAL2k-3 Filling Station
1 x CAL2k-3 Filling Station Installation Kit
1 x CAL2k-4 Vessel
1 x CAL2k-4 Vessel Installation Kit
The above option does not include the CAL2k-2 Cooler, reducing the number of samples per hour.
Elite System:
1 x E2K Calorimeter
1 x E2K Calorimeter Installation Kit
1 x CAL2k-2 Cooler
1 x CAL2k-2 Cooler Installation Kit
1 x CAL2K-3 Filling Station
1 x CAL2k-3 Filling Station Installation Kit
2 x CAL2k-4 Vessel
2 x CLA2k-4 Vessel Installation Kits
The above option includes the CAL2k-2 Cooler and includes 2 Vessels, increasing the number of samples per hour to 10.

Optional Extras (Recommended or Required):

E2K-PCS            E2K Windows Operating Software on CD
CAL2K-PCC       PC Cable (required for software)
REGULATOR      High Pressure Oxygen Regulator (Required and MUST be supplied before installation)
It is important to note that a High Pressure Oxygen Regulator capable of filling the vessel to 3Mpa (3000Kpa, 30 bar, 30 atm) is required and must be available/supplied prior to installation of the unit.

Items to Source Locally

Balance (Recommended Satorius Balance CP64 or equivalent)
Water Tap Connection (if using cooler)
PC with Windows 98/2000/XP/NT4.0 Installed (Required only if running software - a PC is not required to operate the unit)


Technical Specifications

Operating Temperature
0-60 Degrees C
Temperature Resolution
0.000001 Degrees C
0.1% RSD
0.001 (MJ/Kg)
Results per hour
6 samples per vessel using the CAL2k-2 Cooler
90 - 260 VAC

Scientific Solutions

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