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Product Category: Purge and Trap

Industry: Analytical and Environmental Labs

Supplier: EST


A New Evolution
EST Analytical was the first company to introduce innovations such as a foam sensor, removable pathways, and on-trap injection ports to purge and trap. Now, with the Encon Evolution, we bring you the most advanced purge and trap concentrator ever.

Not only does the New Encon Evolution have features such as:

  • Foam Sensor and overfill protection
  • Electronic Pressure Control for programmable flow rates and automated leak/pressure check.
  • Moisture control during the purge cycle
  • The shortest desorption sample pathway for improved peak shape and low carryover
  • Easy trap and MoRT access from the front of the instrument
  • Standard Touch screen interface and, superior chromatographic resolution

The Encon has evolved with features that will make the laboratory more productive and ensure data integrity 24/7.


Lowest Carryover on the Market
The New Encon Evolution employs a patented mode where during the bake cycle of the concentrator, the sparging vessel is heated. The result is the lowest level of carryover on any concentrator today.

Percent Carry-over is listed below from the first blank run after a 200 ppb standard when the system is connected to a Centurion autosampler. Data is even lower when run as a standalone concentrator!

Benzene                               ND
Toluene                                ND
Ethylbenzene                       ND
Xylene (m+p)                       ND
1,2,4-TCB                             0.4%
Napthalene                          0.4%
Hexachlorobutadiene         0.4%
1,2,3-TCB                              0.4%

DPC - Desorption Pressure Control (Patented)
The Encon Evolution allows the user, after purge, to establish a set pressure within the trap. Users can adjust this setting depending upon the column head pressure they are using to optimize peak shape.


Early Ready Signal
Time is money. Unfortunately, there is time wasted in current purge and trap cycle time. Other purge and trap concentrators do not tell the autosampler to start processing the next sample until AFTER the purge and trap is ready. The problem is there are several minutes than can be saved by starting the process of moving the sample to the sampling station, withdrawing the sample, beginning preheating if the sample is a soil sample etc. During this time the concentrator is just sitting there waiting.

The Encon Evolution can be programmed to send out a start signal while still in Bake mode to start the processing of the next sample early. This step alone can result in several more samples being run per day.


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