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EZSPE For Water & Waste Water Analysis

Quick & Easy Solid Phase Extraction For Water & Waste Water Analysis

Using vacuum &  nitrogen, the EZSpe automatically  loads 6 samples and performs the solid phase extraction quickly using the vacuum pump. After the first drying step, the EZSpe  rinses the sample bottles and delivers the solvent to the SPE cartridges to extract analytes of interest. The extracts are then dried using a sodium sulfate cartridge to remove all water from the final extract which can be delivered directly to the direct GC vial vessel, ready for the final concentration in the FMS SuperVap®. The ultimate rewards are saving labor and time Applications: Drinking Water Waste Water Juice

Product Category: SPE Systems

Industry: Analytical and Environmental Labs

Supplier: FMS


Simple to operate No Computer or Electronics
Fast 6 Samples in 30 minutes
High Throughput 6 Samples in Parallel
Quality Consumables Guaranteed Certified Cartridges
Low Solvent As Low as 50 ml Per Sample
Reliable No Electronic or Mechanical Components to Fail
Flexible Uses all SPE cartridge sizes
Column Drying Vacuum & Nitrogen cartridge drying
In-Line drying Elution Inline Extract Drying
Bottle Rinse Automated Bottle Rinse
Affordable No Capital Equipment Costs

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