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Gamry Software

The Reference 600, Reference 3000, and Interface 1000 Potentiostats are all compatible with Gamry software

Product Category: Potentiostats

Industry: Electrochemistry

Supplier: Gamry


EIS300™ Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Gamry’s impedance spectroscopy package. EIS300 includes experimental scripts for potentiostatic, galvanostatic and hybrid impedance spectroscopy experiments in addition to single frequency techniques like Mott-Schottky.

DC105™ DC Corrosion
DC105 provides electrochemical techniques to investigate corrosion problems, extract mechanistic information, and predict long term corrosion rates. Provides standard DC corrosion tests such as polarization resistance, cyclic polarization, and galvanic corrosion.

PHE200™ Physical Electrochemistry
PHE200 Physical Electrochemistry Software is a researcher’s basic electrochemical toolkit with sweep and chrono techniques.

PWR800™ Electrochemical Energy
PWR800 is the only available commercial software for single cell batteries, battery stacks, fuel cell, and supercapcitor testing using a research-grade potentiostat. Includes charge, discharge, and cyclic charge-discharge techniques, as well as cyclic voltammetry.

PV220™ Pulse Voltammetry
PV220 is an electroanalytical software tool for performing a multitude of pulsed techniques involved in electrochemistry research.

Echem Toolkit™ (Basic, DC, and AC)
Gamry’s eChem Toolkits offer users the ability to fully customize and integrate the control of a Gamry instrument into their own software system and can work with any programming language that utilizes a Component Object Model (COM).

ESA410™ Electrochemical Signal Analyzer
The ESA410 is designed specifically for the acquisition and analysis of time-dependent electrochemical noise signals, providing powerful analysis features such as statistical analysis, detrending, impedance spectrum, and histogram analysis.

VFP600™ Virtual Front Panel
VFP600 will give you quick access to the potentiostat’s functionality, much like front panel interface of an early analog potentiostat, and allow you to perform simple electrochemical experiments.

EFM140™ Electrochemical Frequency Modulation
The EFM140 Electrochemical Frequency Modulation software is a non-destructive corrosion rate measurement technique. It allows for measurement of the corrosion rate without prior knowledge of the Tafel constants.

CPT110™ Critical Pitting Temperature
The CPT110 Critical Pitting Temperature Software choreographs the Gamry Potentiostat, TDC4 Temperature Controller, and associated accessories to automatically measure the Critical Pitting Temperature.

EN120™ Electrochemical Noise
EN120 Electrochemical Noise Software is Gamry’s entry level software package for electrochemical noise testing, and includes experimental scripts and analysis macros for ZRA mode, galvanostatic, and potentiostatic noise experiments.

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