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Tablet Hardness

Product Category: Tablet Testing

Industry: Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and Natural Products

Supplier: Logan Instruments


Tablet Hardness‚ Thickness and Diameter Tester

The Logan HDT-300F Hardness Tester tests tablets‚ sweets or capsuleshaped samples. The Hardness Tester microprocessor controlledmeasurement system provides accuracy and versatility. All the Hardnesstester test results are shown on the digital LCD display and can beprinted out for a permanent record of the test results.

The hardness tester can test within a 5-200N range. Diameter andthickness can be tested with in a 2.0-35.0 mm range. The hardnesstester measurement can be calculated in N‚ Kp or Sc. The diameter andthickness measurement can be calculated in mm"s or inches.

With its advanced features the HDT-300F Hardness tester is 4 timesfaster then the previous model and easy to operate. The user lifts thetop cover and loads the sample onto the sample carrier. The test maythen proceed in automatic (for up to 99 samples) or manual mode. Aremovable waste tray under the measurement compartment and a small handheld brush is provided to neatly retrieve sample fragments. Theinstrument calibration is simple to perform on any flat surface withstandard tools.

The operation and design of the Logan HDT-300F Hardness Tester are infull compliance to the monograph for the USP and EP‚ CP and JP. Theload cell provides results that are 10 times more accurate thenrequired. The instrument is made from high quality metal‚ which fullymeets all GLP requirements.

  • New Model is 4 times faster then previous model
  • Thickness‚ Hardness and Diameter measurements from one test
  • Printout of calibration data via external printer
  • Manual or Automatic testing modes


Hardness Range 5 - 200 N
Hardness Accuracy ± 1%
Diameter / Thickness Range 2.0 -35.0 mm
Diameter Accuracy ± 0.03 mm
Measurement Units Newtons (N)/Kiloponds (Kp)/Strocobbs
Diameter Millimeters (mm)/Inches
Time per test 45 sec.
Test Method Manual / Automatic
Test Data Diameter / Thickness / Hardness
Test Statistics High‚ Low‚ Mean Values‚ RSD
Display LCD
Printer Output Parallel Port
Voltage 110V/ 50__60Hz or 220V/50__60Hz

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