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Product Category: Ellipsometry

Industry: Particle and surface science

Supplier: J A Woollam


M-2000® Ellipsometer

The M-2000 line of spectroscopic ellipsometers is engineered to meet the diverse demands of thin film characterization. An advanced optical design, wide spectral range, and fast data acquisition make it an extremely powerful and versatile tool.
The M-2000 delivers both speed and accuracy. Our patented RCE technology combines Rotating Compensator Ellipsometry with high-speed CCD detection to collect data from the entire spectrum (hundreds of wavelengths) in a fraction of a second with a wide array of configurations.
The M-2000 is the first ellipsometer truly to excel at everything from in-situ monitoring and process control to large-area uniformity mapping and general purpose thin film characterization.

Why an M-2000?

Advanced Ellipsometer Technology
The M-2000 utilizes our patented RCE (rotating
compensator ellipsometer) technology to achieve
high accuracy and precision.
Fast Spectral Detection
The RCE design is compatible with advanced
CCD detection to measure ALL wavelengths simultaneously.
Wide Spectral Range
This ellipsometer collects over 700 wavelengths from the
ultraviolet to the near-infrared – simultaneously.
Flexible System Integration
With modular optical design, the M-2000 can be attached directly to your process chamber or configured on any of our table-top bases.
Advanced design ensures accurate ellipsometry measurements for any sample.

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