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OWLS 210 Label-Free, Real-Time Biosensor System

The OWLS 210 is a state-of-the-art device for the in situ study of the kinetics and equilibrium constants of surface processes. As a label-free biosensor, it is a very high sensitivity, real-time technology for investigating adsorption and binding processes. The OWLS 210 Standard Systemincludes the main measuring unit with optomechanical system, with electronic control, data acquisition, temperature control and integrated sensor holder. The SIS-06 sample injection subunit is also part of the standard configuration.

Product description

  • Optomechanical system
  • Electronic signal processing and controlling unit
  • Integrated sensor holder
  • Temperature control of the sensor holder
  • SIS-06 sample injection subunit, see separate datasheet Optional configuration with SIS-03 sample injection subunit – see separate datasheet
  • Microsoft Windows® with the latest BioSense software
  • Power supplies

Optional units

  • Electro-Chemical OWLS System OWLS measurements with ITO coated OW 2400 sensor & EC cuvette. Transparent electrically conductive layer on the sensor surface allows investigation of surface adsorption processes under electric field.
  • Fluoro-OWLS measuring System OWLS measurements with special fluoro-cuvette allows combined fluorescent labeled & OWLS measurements. Optional Fluoro–BioSense software module is offered for data evaluation & interpretation.

Product Category: OWLS Systems

Industry: Life Sciences, Particle and surface science

Supplier: MicroVacuum

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