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Saccharimeter Autopol 589

The 589 saccharimeter from Rudolph Research Analytical provides the same features, measuring speed and accuracy of the AUTOPOL 880 but at the single wavelength of 589 nm.

Product Category: Saccharimeters

Industry: Food, Dairy and Wine

Supplier: Rudolph Research Analytical


The AUTOPOL 589 Series Automatic Digital Saccharimeter

The 589 saccharimeter from Rudolph Research Analytical provides the same features, measuring speed and accuracy of the AUTOPOL 880 but at the single wavelength of 589 nm.

Dilution and Cell Length Correction

Whether your sugar analysis requires a 25mm, 50mm, 100 mm or 200 mm cell, whether you use 1/2 normal (13g/100ml), 1/4 normal (6.5g/100ml) or full weight sugar solutions, the AUTOPOL® 589, 880, 880T, and 880 PLUS saccharimeters provide the correct multiplier to display the reading as if the sample were prepared as a 1 normal solution in a 200 mm optical pathlength cell.


Automatic Saccharimeter Calibration

Calibrating the AUTOPOL® is quick and simple. First, place a Rudolph Quartz Control Plate calibration standard on the optical rails and enter the Quartz Plate value in the appropriate window. Second, enter the temperature to correct the measurement to either the ICUMSA standard temperature of 20°C or the Tropical reference temperature of 27.5°C. Third, press 2 buttons and calibration is complete. (See Technical Bulletin 913 for more details on Rudolph Calibration Standards)

Automatic Temperature Correction

All AUTOPOL® Digital Saccharimeter models have a temperature probe in the measurement compartment. The probe can be inserted into all 14 style, 40T style, 41T style and 33 style measurement cells.
Rudolph knows Sugar Technologists around the world demand 24 hour operation, 7 days a week for up to 9 months out of the year. They expect 0.02 °Z reproducibility and accuracy. Rudolph Research understands these demands and requirements, because Rudolph has been serving the sugar industry since 1940. Throughout those sixty plus years, Rudolph has dedicated itself to manufacturing quality instrumentation and providing superior technical and service support, both directly and through its worldwide dealer network. This dedication is consistent with Rudolph’s over 5,000 instruments installed worldwide, with many of those instruments still in operation after 25 years of service.

All Rudolph Instruments carry our exclusive 20 Commitment to service your instrument.

Rudolph Research Analytical offers a comprehensive range of Preventive Maintenance and Service Programs. Rudolph has demonstrated a commitment to its customers by keeping installed instruments operational, not only for 20 years, but in some cases for over 40 years. This long-term commitment to keeping our instruments running makes the cost of ownership, over the life of a Rudolph Instrument, one of the lowest in the laboratory market segment. At the date this document was published, there is no other laboratory instrument manufacturer guaranteeing service and technical support for 20 years. View the entire 20 Service Guarantee. 


Optical Wavelengths 589nm
Wavelength Selection Fixed
Measuring Mode °Z (°ISS), Optical Rotation or User Defined Scale
Measuring Range ± 89.9° Arc Optical Rotation, ± 259°Z (ISS)
Resolution 0.001° Arc Optical Rotation, 0.01°Z (ISS)
Reproducibility 0.001° Arc Optical Rotation, 0.01°Z (ISS)
Accuracy 0.01°Z (ISS)
Measuring Scale °Z (ISS)
Prism Glan Thompson calcite quartz
Temperature Control By external Water Bath
Temperature Correction 18°C - 40°C
TempTrol™ Accuracy Temperature accuracy determined by Water Bath
Temp. Probe Range 10° - 40°C
Temp. Probe Accuracy ±0.1°C
Measurement Time 12°/sec
Light Source Tungsten-halogen 6V, 20W, Avg. 2,000 hr. life
Optional Light Source LED 20-30 mA 100,000 hr. avg.
Sample Chamber Accepts sample tubes up to 200mm
Data Storage 32 GB SSD
Communication Interface 1 x Serial, 1 x VGA, 1 x HDMI, 2 x Cat 5, 4 x USB ports
Calibration Automatic calibration via touchscreen
Display 8” diagonal, color, 800 x 600 pixel resolution with 400 nits of brightness
User Interface Touchscreen
Automatic Sensitivity Control Measures samples with transmittance as low as 0.01% (up to O.D. 4.0)
Input Power 100 - 240 Volts, 50/60Hz
Operating Dimensions 30” W x 17” H x 11” D 762 mm W x 431.8 mm H x 279.4 mm D
Shipping Dimensions 42" W x 24" H x 21" D 1066.8 mm W x 609.6 mm H x 533.4 mm D
Operating Weight 85 lbs. (39 kg)
Shipping Weight 120 lbs. (54.5 kg)



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