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The SMARTCHEM® 450 is a next generation discrete analyzer with high throughput and low cost of ownership. The Smartchem 450 is designed for smaller and medium laboratories and the first discrete analyser to utilise the Cuvette Quality Assurance System from the clinical laboratory environment, performing an integrated QC check of each cuvette prior to use. Now, in addition to automated analysis, the Smartchem 450 offers automated system Quality Control. The Smartchem 450 is also the first discrete analyser to utilise a dedicated sample prep module for the determination of NOx by Cadmium reduction or ISE module for measurement of pH, Redox and conductivity. Designed for multi-tasking and high throughput rates, the NOx module also provides automated cadmium reduction. High-performance robotics perform such tasks such as automated liquid level monitoring, optional samples and reagent cooling, automatic warming up of cold samples and reagents, and precise incubation of analytical cuvettes. Used together, these features minimize human error and guarantee excellent performance at up to 450 tests per hour, making the Smartchem the most user-independent discrete available today.

Some advantages in short:

  • Direct read technology, each reaction takes place in its own cuvette
  • True sample blanking of colored samples performed directly in each cuvette
  • No analytical flowing streams or flow cells
  • No baseline stabilisation
  • No manual manifold changeover
  • No excessive reagent consumption
  • Automatic method changeover
  • Batch and random mode
The Smartstart software is practical and user friendly, some important topics: True unattended operation equipped with a graphical dashboard eliminates sample and reagent loading errors. We can install complete customised methods with automated pre-dilution steps and a bidirectional LIMS compatibilty which is inevitable in today’s laboratory. Smartchem can be used in water, waste water and seawater. It completely fulfills the NEN 6604 regulations. Smartchem technologies are widely used in the analysis of different types of wine. Applications in Soils, Plants, Feeds, Fertilizers and Tobacco are also done with Smartchem technologies.

Product Category: Autosamplers, Discrete Analysers

Industry: Analytical and Environmental Labs, Food, Dairy and Wine, General Laboratory

Supplier: Alliance Instruments


The  NEW SMARTCHEM 450 is the the most recent analyzer among a full range of laboratory instruments from AMS Alliance.  The 450 has been designed to meet the needs of high productivity while reducing the overall cost of analysis and providing accurate, safe, rapid and standardized results.

Thanks to its loading capacity (100 samples, 72 reagents) and its capacity of 450 tests/hour, the SMARTCHEM 450 is the right solution for medium to large laboratories with its incomparable efficiency and capacity.

Barcode readers, ready to use reagents with unique inventory management, connectivity … everything has been designed to optimize both the performance and the autonomy of the SMARTCHEM 450, which will reduce the preparation time of your analyses.

FeaturesSMARTCHEM 450

  • Direct read Discrete analysis
  • Fully automated instrument
  • Long-life cuvettes with integrated Cuvette Quality Assurance System
  • Cadmium module for Nitrate analysis
  • ISE module for pH, Conductivity and Redox analysis
  • New NELAC compliant software
  • Barcode reading for samples and reagents
  • User friendly software
  • Ready-to-use reagents

The discrete technology flexibility allows the operator to safely combine the analyses and the parameters in all kind of sample matrices.  The SMARTCHEM 450 is ideal for medium sized laboratories serving the environmental, municipal water, agricultural and waste water markets.  Hundreds of ready to use Standard and EPA methods are available for most common ions, organic acids, minerals and sugars.  A list of common parameters for each application is listed below at the bottom of the page. Hundreds of ready to use Standard and EPA methods are available for most common ions, organic acids, minerals and sugars.

Common Parameters

The SMARTCHEM 450 is the most flexible analyzer of the market,  adaptable to all laboratories requirements and operator needs. It uses the latest innovations of discrete technology in order to offer more flexibility, more precision, more simplicity, more rapidity, and finally, better results.



Fully automated, direct read, bench top, Discrete analyzer.


End Point, Kinetic, Differential, Bi chromatic assays, fully programmable.


Up to 72 reagents can be loaded into the refrigerated compartment.


- 4 universal, separate racks for continuous loading of samples, calibrators and controls

- each rack contains up to 18 samples (4-7-10 ml tubes)

- 28 extra positions for urgent samples, calibrators and controls

- Tubes size: 12,5-13,3 mm diam. and 50-75-100 mm height


Allowed at any time.


Up to 450 tests/hour (including 120 for ISE test)


Direct photometry.


300 μl.


Photometer:multi - wavelenght optics, double beam

Wavelength: 12 wavelengths available with 9 on board

Source: halogen lamp 6V/10W

Linear range: 0.001 - 4.200 Abs

Resolution: 0.0001 Abs


One mechanic arm provides all sampling operation with :

- Capacitive liquid level sensing

- Reagent pre-warming at 37°C

- Automatic probe washing

- Sample Volume range : 2.0 μl- 300 μl (1μl incr.)

- Reagent Volume : 3.0 μl-300 μl (1μl incr.)

- Sample pre-dilution

- Sample rerun with or without dilution


Automatic dilution in pre and post-dilution.


Holds 80 cuvettes which performs the following operations:

- Automatic cuvette washing

- Continuous monitoring of cuvette quality


50 x 70 x 105 cm (H x W x L).


48 Kg.


- Bar code reader for Sample

- Bar code reader for Reagent

- ISE module for pH, conductivity and redox

- Nitrate module


Ready to use reagents

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