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Distillation Units

Product Category: Digestion and Distillation

Industry: Analytical and Environmental Labs, Mining and materials

Supplier: Alliance Instruments


Universal Distillation System Designed for Chemists by Chemists

The SmartDist has been engineered for simplified operation and accurate, repeatable performance. Performs scaled down versions of all USEPA approved distillations.

  • 20-position reduced volume distillation system
  • Largest batch processing system available
  • Reduce turn around time
  • Minimize hazardous waste and disposal costs
  • Distillation procedures include:


Heating Unit

  • Continuous heating element
  • Increase laboratory efficiency
  • Improved temperature uniformity
  • Improved temperature stability
  • Improved heat transfer

Smart Controller SmartDist Controller

  • Large, easy to read LED display
  • Simple keypad entries to set programming parameters
  • 8 stages of temperature control
  • 8 stages of dwell times
  • Programmable rise rates for each temperature stage
  • Flash memory - no battery required
  • Digital PID (Proportional, integral, derivative) temperature control
  • Delayed start
  • End of run alarm
  • Programmable high temperature cut-off
  • Type J thermocouple
  • Built in diagnostics

Additional Safety Features

  • Open thermocouple detection
  • Over temperature detection by microprocessor
  • Redundant circuitry for over temperature protection

Gas/Vacuum Distribution Manifold

  • 20 Ports
  • 20 Individual flow adjusting valves
  • Required for cyanide, fluoride, sulfide-total, and sulfide-acid-soluble

Top View of the SmartDist

Patented Glassware

Patented Glassware Package Simplifies the Most Complex Distillation




  • Heating Unit: 75 lbs.
  • Smart Controller 9 lbs.


  • Heating Unit: 11"H x 26"W x 20"D
  • Smart Controller 6 ¾"H x 6"W x 10"D


  • Control Range and Resolution: 50°C to 250°C in 1° increments
  • Accuracy: +/- 2°C in control range
  • Amplitude at Set Point: Less than +/- 1°
  • Repeatability: +/- 1°
  • Stability: +/- 1°
  • Ramp Rate: 4°C/minute


  • Operating Voltage: 208-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Current: 12 Amps @220V
  • Fusing for Heating Unit: Two 15 Amp fuses @250V
  • Fusing for Smart Controller: Two 1 Amp fuses for control circuits

Scientific Solutions

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