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Spectroelectrochemistry is a coupled technique combining electrochemistry and spectroscopy

Industry: Electrochemistry

Supplier: Gamry



The Spectro-115ETM and Spectro-115UTM are Gamry’s two spectroelectrochemistry systems. Each system utilizes a miniature CCD spectrometer, USB 3.0 communication, and temperature compensation. These fiber-based spectrometers can be easily configured for absorption/transmission or fluorescence/phosphorescence. The deuterium/tungsten light source, with a spectral output of 200 - >1100 nm can be configured to provide both D2 and W. The light source also includes a safety shutter.

Other spectrometer configurations are available. Contact us with your specifications to see how we can help, or to find out how you can use our analysis tools with spectroscopy data from other spectrometers.


  • Redox Polymer Chemistry
  • Transition Metal Chemistry
  • Mixed-Valence Complexes
  • Organometallic Complexes
  • Bioelectrochemistry
  • Thin-Layer Electrochemistry

Standard Features

  • Coupled spectroscopy and electrochemistry acquisition and analysis.
  • Analysis tools for easily plotting absorption at a given wavelength as a function of potential.
  • Seamless integration into PHE200 Physical Electrochemistry techniques.
  • Open source scripting to run the spectrometer for easy integration in other techniques.
  • Fiber-based spectrometers.
  • Temperature compensation for ultra-low thermal drift.
  • Spectro-115U has been optimized for low stray light by utilizing a cross Czerny-Turner optical layout.


BDS100 Light Source (output)  
Wavelength Range  (nm)   350-1050 and 380-750 200-850 200 - >1000
Communication USB USB
Dimensions (cm) 10.1 x 6.3 x 4.1 12.4 x 9.1 x 3.5 17 x 7.6 x 6.4
Weight (kg) 0.35 0.40 0.63

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