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Stereopycnometer – SIngle station manual Pycnometer

SIngle station manual Pycnometer

Product Category: Density Measurement

Industry: Mining and materials, Particle and surface science

Supplier: Quantachrome


Density - Stereopycnometer

The Stereopycnometer is the standard model of our series of manually operated pycnometers. It offers a choice of two interchangeable sample cells (135cc and 20cc capacity) used in conjunction with a single reference volume. A sample is placed in the sample cell and degassed by purging with a flow of dry gas, by vacuum (pump not included), or by a series of pressurization cycles. The analysis is performed by pressurizing the sample cell then expanding the gas into the reference chamber. From the two pressure readings (displayed on the easy to read digital display) the sample volume can be quickly and accurately calculated. If samples are compressible foams, the cell-to-reference pressure sequence of the Stereopycnometer is preferred over that employed by the Multipycnometer.



  • Sample size range from 5 cc to 135 cc
  • Two interchangeable sample cells

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