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Rotary Evaporator

Product Category: Rotary Evaporators / Rotovap

Industry: General Laboratory

Supplier: Steroglass


STEROVAC is an electronic vacuum controller suitable for Rotary Evaporators and other applications; light‚ reliable‚ user-friendly.

STEROVAC can control a connected mechanical vacuum pump and set the vacuum (mbar) by means of an easy to use panel control.

Technical specifications: 

  • Digital vacuum controller managed by microprocessor
  • Vacuum range: 999 to 2 mbar
  • Delta pressure range: 1 to 50 mbar
  • Display LCD
  • 220 V; 50-60 Hz; CE certificated
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 165x90x150 mm
  • Weight: 2 Kg

Why use STEROVAC: 

To safely and efficiently connect a vacuum system to a rotaryevaporator it is first of all necessary to connect it to a PTFE vacuumpump‚ such as the STEROVAC 1‚ and to avoid water wastage and solventdispersion in the workplace (watr pump).

The PTFE diaphragm (highly solvent resistant) guarantees the pump against wear.

To optimize the whole process it is necessary to connect an electronicvacuum controller‚ such as STEROVAC‚ to the pump to achieve correctvacuum in the system for all type of evaporation.

Comonly used solvents have different boiling points and vacuum evaporation levels.

If the vacuum is not properly controlled there exists a risk of theevaporation being either too rapid or too slow. This leads to reducerecovery of vapours‚ which are then dispersed in the workplace tojeopardise processes and undermine worker and workplace health.

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