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Automated Titrator

Product Category: Titrators

Industry: Food, Dairy and Wine

Supplier: Steroglass


The highest performance with the greatest simplicity

Simple and complex titrations extremely easy to do

TITREX titrators were designed to suit laboratory needs and to carry out simple potentiometric titration for a wide range of applications:

  • acid-base
  • redox
  • argentometric
  • complexometric

TITREX titrators meet the most demanding analytical requirements forresearch applications as well as for users routinely analyze a largenumber of samples every day.

It is easy to choose!

Titrex is a modular instrument which can be set up to meet your specific requirements and is therefore ideal for satisfying thechanging needs that inevitably take place in a laboratory over time.

Save you can save again tomorrow!

The modules which are separated from the central unit can be added toyour system at any time: dispensers for titrants (burettes) and/or forauxiliary reagents (peristaltic pumps), samplers or any otherperipheral devices needed (PC printers etc.).

Your purchase will never be oversized and it will always meet your actual needs.


The generous graphic display contains all the messages and icons that make Titrex extremely easy to use€ with no need to refer to the manual.
The titrator software guides the user through every single step of programming analysis and data interpretation.


The titration curve is displayed graphically in real time thus immediately informing the operator as to the progress of the analysis. Simply pressing a key will change the graphic display with thenumerical values of the individual titration points; the results willbe then displayed needed.

The possibility of documenting the different stages during each individual analysis process is a fundamental requirement for modern laboratory instruments. Therefore every analytical report obtained with Titrex gives:

  • name of company/agencies and operator
  • analysis date and time
  • alphanumeric sample code
  • consumption of titrant
  • volume/weight
  • results expressed in the desired unit (e.g. %, g/l);

Titrex also carries out self tests to check that each of its components is working properly. The pH calibration and reagent standardization programs with warnings for any buffer/electrode or titrant anomalies eliminate the risk of working under unsuitable conditions.

"Memorized" programs are protected by a password to prevent unauthorized personnel from tampering with them.

OPERATION SOFTWARE: Simplicity and Clarity 
The large graphic display allows immediate and intuitive access to all software functions:

1. Programming: construction and/or changing of methods
2. Execution: carrying out the titration
3. pH and mV measures
4. Electrode calibration
5. Service programs: for rinsing with solution or cleaning the dispensers (pumps and/or burettes) in the event of "machine stoppage"or reagents substitution.

The intuitive software with icons guides the user in accessing the chosen operations. A special area of the memory for "preferred"programs makes the most frequently used programs immediately available during the working day.

The titration curve is displayed in real time. If this process does not advance correctly it can be interrupted momentarily and then restarted, eliminated or started over without any loss of time or titrant wasting.

The pH calibration can be done on 1 or 2 points using buffers pre-defined or pre-chosen by the user. In the event of malfunctioning of the pH electrode or anomalies in the buffer solutions used, a warning message will appear so as to avoid working with an inefficient electrode.

When titration is completed, the results are displayed in a detailed and easy to read manner: initial pH/mV; temperature; sample volume/weight;equivalent volume and pH/mV expressed in the desired unit of measurement. The last 10 samples data are automatically memorized: this option is very useful for those who do not print the data at the end of each process.

MODULARITY: an investment suitable today expandable tomorrow. 

The possibility of expending the instrument setup over time makes the initial choice easier by eliminating the fear of choosing a titrator that is closed to future developments and thus rapidly becomes obsolete.
A limited investment that meets your current needs with the confidence that you are ready to develop your activities at any time.


Titrex burettes are equipped with a 48,000 step motor which guarantees perfect titrant dispensing. The 4-way valve allows direct suction connection to both the titrant reagent and the water for washing at the end of cycle (recommended when using aggressive or high concentration re-agents). The standard 10 ml syringe (other volumes optional) is equipped with a replaceable PTFE tip: the entire syringe does not need to be replaced when the plunger is worn! Titrex can operate up to 4 separate burettes (motor and plunger) at the same time.


Very often a titration process requires adding of auxiliary reagents (that do not participate in the stechiometry of the reaction), such as acid for acidifying, water for diluting, etc.

AUTOMATIC SAMPLERS - For automating routine jobs 
Extremely reliable!

The high quality mechanism guarantees perfect control of the sample changer carousel.

The mechanical stirrer with glass stirring rod are suitable for thewidest range of solutions. Glass or plastic sample jars can be used as you like.

With their flexibility and low cost, the Automatic Samplers for Titrex are ideal both for those who need to analyze a large number of samples and for those wishing to automate individual titration processes.

By using the sample changer, total reproducibility of every individual titration and/or calibration process is guaranteed, thus avoiding errors caused by manual operation.

It is available in two versions:

with 16 positions for 120 ml sample jars (mod. AS 16)

for those who need to heat (i.e. reducing sugars analysis) or cool samples before titration.

The only of its kind on the market!! (mod. AST 16)

With up to a maximum of 4 peristaltic pumps operated together or separately, every stage of the titration process can be made truly automatic. The final result can be obtained by just inserting the sample and pressing a key - the operator does not need to do anything else.



The "brain" of Titrex titrators.
It controls the peripherals and includes:
- 2 separate pH/mV electrode outputs
- 1 polarized current sensor output (KF€ SO2 analyses€ etc.)
- 2 separate temperature sensor outputs
- 1 stirrer output
- 1 printer input
- 2 RS232C ports (connection to PC and to external balance)
- 1 input for connection to automatic sampler

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