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Transdermal Testing

Product Category: Dissolution

Industry: Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and Natural Products

Supplier: Logan Instruments


Automated Transdermal Sampling System

The Logan System 912-SCT-S is designed to save valuable time bydelivering precise transdermal samples into HPLC vials automatically.The SYP Series Syringe Pump module withdraws and measures samplevolumes from transdermal diffusion cells at each time interval.Individual samples are dispensed simultaneously into HPLC vials thatare stored in the SCT Series Sample Collectors. The replacement mediatakes place right after each sampling. The lift plate tilts the Franzcells to allow all the air bubbles to purge out of the cells. This willinsure that there are no air bubbles under the skin/patches!
All modules are controlled by a stand alone system controller or software program via IBM- compatible PC.
During the test: The stir bar does the mixing. No circulation takes place during the test.
For Sampling: Syringe pump takes samples from Franz cells a few minutesbefore the sampling time to pre- condition the syringes and then takessample at the time interval. The system wastes .5 ml to wash the sampledelivery lines and then delivers samples into HPLC vials. Syringeswithdraw all remaining samples from the delivery lines‚ where they getsent back to the cells.
For media replacement: Franz cell support tilts‚ and the syringes takereplacement media and then re-fills the Franz cells. All bubbles arepushed out to waste‚ patented Tilted Cell design.



FDC-6 Transdermal Diffusion Cell Drive Console
Power requirements :110V - 120V 50/60 Hz or 220V - 240V 50/60 Hz
Drive Positions: 6
Cell Positions : 6
Control Zone : 2
Zone 1: Drive Positions 1 2 3
Zone 2: Drive Positions 4 5 6
Stirring Method : Teflon coated magnetic bar
Speed : 300 RPM
Heater : 700 watts
Temperature range: 25_45 ° C
Temperature accuracy : . ± .1 ° C
Syringe Pump
Syringe Pump position: Up to 6 Syringes
Syringe Pump Driver: By high torque motor with encoder
Control: Manual or PC Control
Syringe size: 5 ml (others available)
Voltage: 110 & 220V 50/60Hz
Flow rate: Adjustable or Fixed at approx: 1 ml per minute with 10 ml syringe
Accuracy: + / _ 1% depends on the calibration & stroke of the syringe

Sample collector:

Delivery position: up to 6 positions
Sample rack: Up to 8 X 20 total 160 sample vials
Waste position (HOME): One position on left.
Standard vial size: For Waters / Agilent / Shimadzu
Voltage: 24 Volt DC from 110 & 220V 50/60Hz Power supply
Sample time points: Up to 20 time points
Volume accuracy: Within 1% of the collection volume

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