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TurbiScan LAb  Range

The TLAb is the new generation of instruments in the TurbiScan range. 
This instrument, existing in three versions, features new performances to characterize concentrated dispersions without dilution.

This is a perfect tool for formulation help, analysis and quality control purposes.
Operates on emulsions, suspensions and foams

- Up to 60 % v/v concentrated
- From 0.1 µm to 1 mm particle size

The TurbiScan LAb offers the possibility to accelerate and document ageing tests. 
In this regard, variations in particle size due to coalescence or flocculation can be monitored via the kinetics giving changes of the particle mean diameter over time. Migrations of the particles leading to sedimentation or creaming are analyzed by direct and easy calculation of the migration velocity and the thickness of the sediment or cream phases.






Screening of Dispersions - Emulsions - Suspensions -Foams


The spearhead of the Turbiscan™ range to fully characterise the stability of concentrated dispersions


Turbiscan™ LAB is the spearhead of the Turbiscan range to fully characterise the stability of concentrated dispersions (emulsions, suspensions, foams).
Turbiscan™ LAB accelerates and documents ageing test for a fast and deep understanding of destabilisation mechanisms (creaming, sedimentation, flocculation, coalescence) .


Turbiscan™ LAB is easy to operate because:
No dilution is required (no sample preparation)
No physical parameters are needed (for stability tests)
Sample is stored in a temperature controlled chamber (from RT to 60°C or from 4°C to 60°C depending on the version)
Up to 95% v/v
From 5nm to 1 mm
Turbiscan™ LAB can be used in both R&D lab for formulation development and QC labs to control the stability of raw materials and final formulated products (emulsions, suspensions, foams).


Detect destabilisations up to 50 times
quicker than naked eye:
Coalescence, flocculation
Creaming, sedimentation
Quantify destabilisations by plotting:
Particle size versus time
Phase thickness versus time
Measure the mean particle size
Determine the Turbiscan Stability Index
The higher the TSI, the more unstable the product

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