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Flash automatic titrator has been designed to simply and precisely satisfy and perform the widest range of potentiometric titrations. Up to two automatic burettes for titrant delivery and three peristaltic pumps can be installed. Automatic pH, acidity and SO2 analyses are made easy and simple. Both a single analysis stand and 16 or 35 positions…

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Speedex Liquid Dispensing Pump

This high performance laboratory pump is unique in its kind‚because itcan dispense liquids with a resolution of 50 ul with a range of volumesprogrammable from 100 ul to 5000 ml. (the range can be extended tohigher volumes).

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The Titrex ACT/ACT 2 automatic potentiometric titrator is a simple to use automated titrator for use in wine, food, dairy or juice labs. Expandable with a choice of 2 low cost autosamplers.

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Strike 5000 – Rotary Evaporator

Strike 5000 is a large capacity rotary evaporator designed to solve any problem concerning production applications. The unit is suitable for fast and gentle solvents installations under vacuum or atmosphere conditions.

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Lab Reactors

Our reaction unit can be supplied with a range of vessels including 300ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 7L Lab Reactors are suitable for chemical process development, scale up and process simulation. Double wall and Triple wall vessels in the same framework. Reactions can be carried out with various volumes only by changing reaction vessel…

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Scientific Solutions

Scientific Solutions have been providing carefully selected laboratory and analytical equipment to Australian Industries such as Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage and Research markets of the Science Industry for over a decade.

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