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Zeta Instruments


Zeta Instruments is a leading provider of precision microstructure and surface measurement systems that enable manufacturers of green-technology and bio-medical products to substantially improve yields and quality control. Zeta’s advanced metrology solutions provide direct benefit to the production of high-brightness LEDs, solar cells, micro-fluidics/bio-technology and magnetic storage media. Our patented Z-Dot™ technology enables manufacturers to quickly and accurately perform 3D measurement of the micron-scale features of these applications, positioning it as a strategic supplier to these high-growth industries.

Zeta’s patented Z-Dot technology permits a far simpler opto-mechanical system design than competing systems, lowering system costs and dramatically reducing system maintenance. Simple design and intuitive software enables manufacturers and researchers to benefit from shorter training periods and lower cost of ownership over other tools in its space.

Metrology solutions from Zeta Instruments are ideally suited to address the measurement challenges confronted by these industries:

LED: Zeta systems are able to clearly image and characterize Patterned Sapphire Substrate (PSS) features on which high-brightness LED devices are grown. The ability to clearly and accurately measure PSS bump pattern size, pitch and height enable Zeta’s customers to achieve tighter control over their production processes and secure better pricing for their products.

Solar: Zeta’s ability to measure three critical parameters in the fabrication of solar cells with a single tool enables manufacturers to monitor their production processes and optimize the value of their tool investment. The imaging of high-roughness/low-reflectivity surfaces enables manufacturers to characterize surface texturing, metal conductor deposition and measure film thicknesses of anti-reflective coatings such as Silicon Nitride (Si3N4). With knowledge of their cell properties, manufacturers can tune their processes to maximize yield and cell efficiency.

Biotechnology: The non-contact nature of the Z-Dot measurement methodology enables faster and more accurate measurement of difficult deep features, typical to micro-fluid channel applications. The nature of these high-aspect deep channels makes it very difficult to quantify them using current metrology solutions, as a result the industry is turning to Zeta Instruments for its surface measurement needs.

Storage: The data density and mechanical stability of magnetic storage media require close monitoring and analysis of precision fabrication processes, and Zeta has been pivotal in creating measurement solutions that suit those needs. By enabling customers to easily inspect and characterize their magnetic substrate and media, Zeta systems have provided critical manufacturing process control parameters to these customers.

Zeta Instruments is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California and is led by a team of experienced executives with senior management and technical expertise from globally recognized Silicon Valley-based industrial systems companies.

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