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Product Category: Surface Tension Analysers

Industry: Mining and materials, Particle and surface science

Supplier: Sita


Pressing the START-button, the SITA CleanoSpector flexibly inspects the cleanliness of parts' surfaces at the process or in laboratories.

Reliable: With the SITA CleanoSpector you receive reproducible measuring results which are independent from the surface temperature, the surface roughness and the ambient light. An objective evaluation of the parts cleanliness is ideally supported by the reproducible measurement results.

Simple: Calibration on clean parts surfaces can be realized due to a rugged and easy designed sensor.

Simplest inspection of slight traces of contamination on parts' surfaces by measuring the fluorescence

The SITA CleanoSpector inspects the cleanliness of parts' surfaces. This ensures a high quality of parts which have to be cleaned for further processes such as surface coating and surface treatment. The fluorescence measuring principle allows a reliable detection of the slightest traces of contamination such as oils, grease or cooling lubricants. Furthermore, the test results provide reliable information for an optimization of cleaning processes with regard to the cleaning time, the process chemistry and bath temperature. A permanent inspection of the cleanliness of parts made of metal or other materials during the cleaning process ensures a good quality standard of your products.

An UV light source emits light with an optimal wavelength in order to detect contamination on the surface of metal parts. The sensor measures the fluorescence intensity which depends on the quantity of contamination at the measuring point. The SITA CleanoSpector with an integrated UV light source and a fluorescence sensor, uses the confocal measuring principle. This guarantees a maximum of sensitivity and which can be compared to extensive laboratory systems. The confocal measuring principle also allows an easy positioning of the measuring head. Furthermore, the ambient light, the surface temperature and the surface roughness do not have any influences on the measuring results. The cleanliness inspection result will be displayed in percent and 100 % correspond to an absolutely clean surface.

SITA CleanoSpector – Advantages:

  • Simple evaluation of the cleaning result by comparing the cleanliness of parts' surfaces with the reference part (calibration sample)
  • Detection of contamination on parts with diverse shapes and surfaces
  • Output of the cleanliness results in percent (%)
  • Automatic calibration on a clean surface of a reference part (100 % clean)
  • Calibration values of up to 9 surfaces can be saved in the device
  • Variable parameter settings e. g. quantity of measuring points for an optimal adoption on the inspection task


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