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Dry Heat Transdermal Diffussion with Dermal Temp

DHC-6TD is a dry heating transdermal diffusion system that is designed to test in-vitro permeation rate for semi-solid dosage and topical drug formulation, as well as for cosmetics products, such as ointment, gels, transdermal patches, face masks, lotion, sunscreen, etc. Features:
  • Bubble free franz diffusion cell
  • Dry heating method for even temperature
  • Easy clean dry heat diffusion cells with Teflon top and bottom eliminating glass cells breakage
  • Temperature monitoring system for each cell
  • Vessel cover design ensures temperature and protects media from light
  • Variable thickness gaskets for controlling sample volume
  Extended functions:
  • Optional dermal temperature
  • Optional variable speed control for R&D study
  • Optional online degasser
  • Upgrade to automated transdermal testing systems

Product Category: Diffusion/Transdermal

Industry: Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and Natural Products

Supplier: Logan Instruments

Scientific Solutions

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