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EP-110 – Automated Dioxins and PCBs Sample Prep

Green Technology Zero DCM
Fast 30 to 45 minutes
High Throughput Up to 8 Samples in Parallel
Low Solvent As Low As 110ml per Sample
Fully Automated From Sample Loading to GC Vial
Expandable From 2 to 8 samples
Quality Consumables Guaranteed Certified Columns
Economical Column Kits to meet your Sample Matrix
Reliable Easy to Maintain

Product Category: Dioxin and PCB Cleanup, Extraction/Concentration

Industry: Analytical and Environmental Labs

Supplier: FMS


New! Easy To Use:                   Quick connect snap columns




Green Technology: Zero DCM

The EP-110 uses Zero DCM in the cleanup process. By design it produces greater efficiency to perform clean up and it greatly reduces solvent consumption.


Fast: 30 to 45 minutes

Depending on the Sample Matrix and Lipid content samples can be run in 30 to 45 minutes. Column kits designed to meet different sample lipid content allow for fast sample processing. The system can turn around up to 64 samples in a day.


Low Solvent: As Low As 110ml per Sample

Column Kits designed for samples with different lipid content allow for using the lowest possible amount of solvent to process a sample.


Expandable: From 2 to 8 samples

The EP-110 is modular and can be expanded to fit the needs of any lab. Each module can handle 2 samples in parallel. The system can have up to 4 modules running 8 samples in parallel.


Quality Consumables: Guaranteed

Certified Columns

FMS’s Column Consumables are Certified and Guaranteed for cleanliness, high recoveries and performance.


Fat / Lipid Removal: Capacity 0.15 to

7 Grams

A wide variety of economical “cleanup column kits” are available for Dioxin and PCB sample preparation.


New: Easy to Use Quick Connect Snap Columns

To streamline the ease and use of columns, FMSintroduces the Quick Connect  Snap Columns

sample cleanup, and evaporation steps into one automated process. The EP-110 processes eight samples in parallel including sample cleanup, and concentration. The systems are able to be turned around up to 64 samples in a day.


Automated Sample Loading

Install the cleanup columns on the system, push the “Run” button and walk away. The EP-110 will automatically load the sample and perform the entire sample preparation process unattended, in virtually one step. The final fractions are ready for analysis by GC/MS.


Reliable: Easy to Maintain

The modular, flexible design of EconoPrep systems virtually eliminates downtime and

makes them the most easily to maintain systems in today’s laboratories.  Each system module operates independently of the other modules,

so if one module malfunctions the others still work. Should a module malfunctions, laboratory personnel  can easily replace it on-site.


Applications examples


Egg Yolk


Food Oils



Waste Water








Fly Ash



Control module = 22lbs

EP110 valve module = 31lbs

Control Module Base = 6 lbs

Single Base = 3 lbs


EP110 2 = 62lbs

EP110 4 = 97lbs

EP110 6 = 132lbs

EP110 8 = 167lbs


Small cart = 35lbs

Small tray = 20lbs

Medium cart = 40lbs

Medium tray = 25lbs

Large cart = 45lbs

Large tray = 35lbs



EP110 2 = 16”(41cm)W X 26”(65cm) H X 17”(43cm) D

EP110 4 = 25”(63cm)W X 26”(65cm) H X 17”(43cm) D

EP110 6 = 34”(86cm)W X 26”(65cm) H X 17”(43cm) D

EP 110 8 = 43”(110cm)W X 26”(65cm) H X 17”(43cm) D


Piston Displacement Flow

Flow rate: 0.2 to 15ml/minute

Electrical Input:

110/220Volts, 50/60HZ


Integrated Touch Screen Control

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