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PLE Cannabis

Integrated Sample Extraction and Cleanup Ready for the Analysis of Potency and Pesticides in Cannabis

The PLE system is a high-speed pressurized liquid extraction system designed to perform extraction of multiple compounds in the extraction of oil from cannabis simultaneously. The PLE system delivers high recoveries and yields with excellent precision of all cannabinoids in minutes instead of hours.  Inexpensive stainless steel extraction cells with end cap filtration keep operational costs at a minimum.  Reusable end cap filtration increases productivity and saves valuable time. Combining  upercooling for cleanup eliminates extra manual cleanup steps required by other techniques increasing throughput while reducing human interaction.
• One extraction method for all matrices • High Speed • Modular and expandable from 1 to 8 • Process 1 to 8 samples in 10 to 15 min • Extraction cell size 5 to 200 ml • Real time plot of temperature and pressure • Reduced Solvent Consumption • Works efficiently on all Sample Matrices • Lower Energy Consumption • InCell Sample Cleanup

Product Category: Extraction/Concentration

Industry: Cannabis

Supplier: FMS


Modular, Expandable and Affordable from 1 to 8 modules
The modular design of the PLE system allows you to purchase a one, two up to eight sample system to fit your budget. The system can be expanded from a one to eight sample system as your work load grows.

Reduce Solvent Waste
The PLE system reduces solvent waste by using solvents more efficiently. Cut solvent consumption in half.

Increase Productivity
The entire extraction and cleanup is performed in minutes. Traditional methods can take hours.

Reduce Operating Costs
Rapid extraction and clean-up, along with reduced solvent use and waste, reduces operating costs by as much as 70 percent.

5 to 250 mL Extraction Cell Sizes
The PLE system offers 5-200 mL low cost stainless steel extraction cells with Teflon endcap filtration. This wide range of extraction cell volumes allows the use of the same unit for all sample sizes, even in the same run.

Eliminate cross contamination
Low-cost stainless steel extraction cells and Teflon filtration endcaps ensure trouble-free extraction and eliminate the risk of cross contamination.

Sample Extraction and Cleanup in one step
The PLE uses incell cleanup and performs the entire sample extraction and cleanup in one step with increased speed and reduced cost. Eliminating additional manual cleanup steps. Just inject the sample extract.

Automatic Operation and Documentation
Real-time software allows eight channels of pressure and eight channels of temperature data to be plotted simultaneously. Allows automatic documentation of all extraction data.

One Extraction Method for All Matrices
A single extraction method is used for Potency extractions for all sample types. A single extraction and cleanup method is used for all Pesticide extractions for all sample types. Eliminating the need to develop and validate several extraction protocols.


Extraction cell size: 5 mL, 10 mL, 20 mL, 40 mL, 70 mL, 100 mL, 250 mL
Simultaneous Extractions 1 to 6 independent extraction modules for simultaneous extraction
Variable Cell Size per Simultaneous Extraction Run Run different cell sizes in the same simultaneous run 5 mL, 10 mL, 20 mL, 40 mL, 70 mL, 100 mL or 250 mL
Modular Design Individual Extraction Modules can be isolated from the system without interrupting the running system, no down time.
Automated Sample Cleanup Incell Sample Cleanup, Pre-packed Incell End Cap Sample Cleanup, Inline Column Sample Cleanup,
Interface to Automated Cleanup Systems Seamless programmable interface to PowerPrep™ Multi-Column Sample Cleanup System
Interface to Automated Concentration Systems Seamless Programmable interface to the SuperVap Concentrator to provide one step extraction and concentration or one step extraction, sample cleanup and concentration
Flow Rate 0 to 35 mL per minute
Pressure 0 to 2500 PSI
Temperature Ambient to 200 ºC
Solvents No limitation, mixing or selection of up to six different solvents
Collection Vessels Direct to a SuperVap Concentration Vessel or SuperVap Direct to GC Vial Concentration Vessel. All other standard collection vessels.
Automatic Documentation The DMS-6000 software allows multiple methods to be stored. Each parameter such as time, solvent volume, and final temperature can be set for each step. Pressure, temperature and dispensed volumes are displayed real time. All parameters for each run are documented and stored for future reference.
DMS 6000 Software The PLE™ system uses a PC to control the entire extraction, sample cleanup and concentration process. The DMS-6000 real time software allows multiple samples to be processed simultaneously.
Recoveries and Reproducibility Method compliance or better
Real Time Monitoring, Plotting of Pressure and Temperature The DMS-6000 real time software allows six channels of pressure and six channels of temperature to be plotted in real time. This powerful feature allows automatic documentation of the entire extraction data. The temperature and pressure can be superimposed and printed in graphic or tabular format.
One Step Automated Extraction, Sample Clean up and Concentration Control Software Used to write, and edit extraction protocols, monitor, and store the extraction, ample cleanup and concentration data. It also controls the entire sample prep process.
Automatic Extraction Data Report The DMS-6000 real time software allows the creation of an automatic data report based on the sample sequence set up. Printed data contains the graph and parameters of the sample extraction.
Weights: Weights:
PLE Pump module = 10 lbs Small cart = 35 lbs
PLE Control module = 15 lbs Small tray = 20 lbs
PLE valve module = 15 lbs Medium cart = 40 lbs
PLE structure = 27 lbs Medium tray = 25 lbs
PLE Large cabinet = 18 lbs Large cart = 45 lbs
PLE small cabinet = 24 lbs Large tray = 35 lbs
PC = 21 lbs
Monitor = 10 lbs
Small cabinet + pump module + control module = 50 lbs
Large cabinet + valve module + structure = 60 lbs
PC + monitor = 30 lbs
PLE1 = 110 lbs + 30 lbs = 140 lbs
PLE2 = 170 lbs + 30 lbs = 200 lbs
PLE3 = 230 lbs + 30 lbs = 260 lbs
PLE4 = 290 lbs + 30 lbs = 320 lbs
PLE5 = 350 lbs + 30 lbs = 380 lbs
PLE6 = 410 lbs + 30 lbs = 440 lbs
Dimensions: Dimensions with cart and tray:
PLE1 = 15” (38 cm) W X 35” (90 cm) H X 18” (45 cm) D PLE2 = 37” (94 cm) W X 64” (162 cm) H X 30” (75 cm) D
PLE2 = 23” (58 cm) W X 35” (90 cm) H X 18” (45 cm) D PLE3 = 45” (114 cm) W X 64” (162 cm) H X 30” (75 cm) D
PLE3 = 31” (78 cm) W X 35” (90 cm) H X 18” (45 cm) D PLE4 = 64” (162 cm) W X 64” (162 cm) H X 30” (75 cm) D
PLE4 = 39” (98 cm) W X 35” (90 cm) H X 18”(45 cm) D PLE5 = 64” (162 cm) W X 64” (162 cm) H X 30” (75 cm) D
PLE5 = 47” (118 cm) W X 35” (90 cm) H X 18” (45 cm) D PLE6 = 64” (162 cm) W X 64” (162 cm) H X 30” (75 cm) D
PLE6 = 55” (138 cm) W X 35” (90 cm) H X 18” (45 cm) D


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