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Surface Tension

Product Category: Surface Tension Analysers

Industry: Mining and materials, Particle and surface science

Supplier: Sita


Tensiometer SITA DynoTester - small and precise hand-held tensiometer for quick Quality Control or in field users.

3 adjustable bubble lifetimes between 15ms - 15s - suitable for broad range of applications

One keystroke gives you the surface tension value of your sample at the correct bubble lifetime

Easy offline monitoring of wetting agent or surfactant concentration

Model comparison

Tensiometer SITA pro line t15
NEW! - Tensiometer SITA pro line t15 - compact and flexible tensiometer for multipurpose use in R&D, Quality Control and Process Monitoring.

Bubble lifetime range of 15ms - 15s - suitable for broad range of applications.

3 special measurement modes for the typical tasks in R&D, QC and Process monitoring.

Optional external output of surface tension by electrical current signal for process integration. Easiest to use multipurpose bubble pressure tensiometer


Tensiometer SITA science line t60

Tensiometer SITA science line t60 - small yet precise tensiometer for use in and outside of laboratories especially for R&D purposes
Bubble lifetime 30ms - 60s covers applications with focus on very dynamic to semi-static surface tension.

Continuous measurement of adjustable period without a drift of bubble lifetime.
Automatic measurement of dynamic surface tension curves through the whole bubble lifetime range. Many parameters can be set by user


Tensiometer SITA pro line f10

All measured values can be compared independently from the used SITA tensiometer because of the common measurement technology and the automatic control of bubble lifetime.

Laboratory guidelines can so be used for in field quality or process control.


Sample flow through system
Power supply, interface cable

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