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Automatic Water Vapor Transmission Analyzer

WVTA-9601 The test methods cover the determination of water vapor transmission (WVT) of materials through paper, plastic films, PTFE membrane and other sheet materials. Test dishes filled with distilled water in a controlled dry atmosphere, a constant humidity difference is generated between two sides of the test specimen, the water vapor permeates through the specimen…

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FULLY AUTOMATED COMPACT BENCHTOP DVS ANALYZER, FOR FAST & ACCURATE SORPTION MEASUREMENTS BENEFITS OF IGASORP Unrivalled performance and total baseline stability Proven reliability supported by 3 year warranty Fast and accurate analysis of equilibria and kinetics using the IGA method

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NEXT GENERATION PURE GAS AND VAPOR SORPTION ANALYZER HIGH RESOLUTION GAS & VAPOR SORPTION ANALYZER, WITH NEXT GENERATION MICROBALANCE DESIGN FOR HIGH PRESSURE & CORROSIVE CAPABILITY BENEFITS OF XEMIS Widest controllable pressure range of any gravimetric sorption analyzer: active pressure regulation over 7 orders of magnitude Unique Exosensing Technology for operation with aggressive species Optimized performance for…

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Scientific Solutions

Scientific Solutions have been providing carefully selected laboratory and analytical equipment to Australian Industries such as Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage and Research markets of the Science Industry for over a decade.

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