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LA 960 Imaging Unit

LY-9610 Imaging Unit

The imaging unit allows real-time observation, particle image acquisition, and assessment of the particles in the wet circulation system. It is small and integrated in the main unit without increasing instrument footprint!


  • Detect and count even with trace amounts of unusual particles (Contaminants, large particles and aggregated particles)
  • Detect bubbles in wet circulation system.
  • Improved understanding of sample dispersion (effect of stirring, sonication, addition of surfactants, stabilizers, etc.)
  • Particle shape analysis* (Optional Advanced Software)


  • Image acquisition and particle detection.
  • Automatic detection of large particles.
  • Automatic detection of bubbles.
  • Real time trend graph and histogram of equivalent circular diameter.
  • Histogram of shape distribution (aspect ratio, roundness, length, width) with optional advanced software.

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