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LA 350

HORIBA’s new LA-350 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Distribution Analyzer is the ideal combination of performance, price, and packaging. The LA-350 excels in applications as diverse as slurries, minerals, and paper chemistry. Based on the advanced optical design of previous LA-series analyzers, the LA-350 strikes a harmonious balance between high-functionality, easy operation, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.…

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The VASE® is an accurate and versatile ellipsometer for research on all types of materials: semiconductors, dielectrics, polymers, metals, multi-layers, and more. It combines high accuracy and precision with a wide spectral range – up to 193 to 3200nm. Variable wavelength and angle of incidence allow flexible measurement capabilities, including: • Reflection and Transmission Ellipsometry • Generalized Ellipsometry…

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The M-2000® spectroscopic ellipsometer range is engineered to meet the diverse demands of thin film characterization customers.  Because of an advanced optical design, wide spectral range, and fast data acquisition combine and as a result the M2000 is an extremely powerful and versatile tool. The M-2000 delivers both speed and accuracy to users. The patented RCE technology combines Rotating Compensator Ellipsometry…

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AMI 300

The AMI300 is a fully automated instrument for the analysis of catalysts and other chemisorption applications

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Scientific Solutions

Scientific Solutions have been providing carefully selected laboratory and analytical equipment to Australian Industries such as Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage and Research markets of the Science Industry for over a decade.

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