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Phi-TEC II | Bench-top, low phi-factor, adiabatic calorimeter

The Phi-TEC II is an adiabatic calorimeter, which supports the use of low Phi-factor test cells. This allows for manufacturing plant conditions to be fully replicated on a lab-scale thus allowing thermal runaway risks to be simulated and assessed. Utilizing low-Phi factor cells means that the runaway rate is not tempered by the test equipment,…

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TSu | Thermal and Pressure Hazard Screening Platform

The fast screening of thermal and pressure hazards can be performed with the Thermal Screening Unit (TSu). It typically uses samples of 0.5 to 5g to generate both temperature and pressure data, and hence can be considered a better alternative to classical DSC/DTA methods.  

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BTC-500 | Large-scale, battery testing, adiabatic calorimeter

The BTC-500 (Battery Testing Calorimeter) is a floor-standing adiabatic calorimeter for the safe testing of thermal, electrical, and mechanical stress (abuse) tests on larger battery cells, and small modules. Evaluation of these tests facilitates the assessment of the safety performance of battery cells, enables the battery’s safe operating limits to be defined, and facilitates research and development into the…

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BTC-130 | Bench-Top, Battery Safety Testing, Adiabatic Calorimeter

The BTC-130 (Battery Testing Calorimeter) is a bench-scale adiabatic calorimeter designed to enable the testing of thermal, electrical, and mechanical stress tests on smaller-sized battery cells. Evaluation of these tests facilitates the assessment of the safety performance of battery cells, the battery’s safe operating limits, and research and development into the mechanisms of thermal runaway.  The BTC-130 also supports…

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iso-BTC+ | Floor standing, battery performance testing, isothermal calorimeter

Faster product development, testing, and launch through scientifically robust data: Reveal battery heat-release profiles for an optimised battery management system Understand performance consequences of use, misuse, and cell aging Define effects of environment temperature on battery heat generation to ensure product performance and safety The new iso-BTC+, is designed for measuring heat-release profiles during battery…

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Scientific Solutions

Scientific Solutions have been providing carefully selected laboratory and analytical equipment to Australian Industries such as Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage and Research markets of the Science Industry for over a decade.

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